Color Copper Bar Top

Let's face it. Good bar tops can be pretty expensive. Any high-end materials will cost thousands, but the low-end materials wear down quickly. You might wonder if there is any way to build an incredible, unique bar top at a reasonable price. Well, after research as well as personal experience, I can say with confidence that there certainly is.

Color Copper - A newcomer has arrived

Recently, a new derivative of ordinary copper, called Color Copper, has been making waves. Color Copper is a kind of copper that takes advantage of unique and natural chemical reactions that raw copper exhibits in certain conditions over time. This reaction causes the copper to form curious patterns of different colors, resulting in dazzling, one-of-a-kind markings, called patina, that are exclusive to each batch. At the time of this writing, it is sold by only one company, and there are currently 13 patterns available to choose from (each with its own process of creation, and pattern of colors).

Why did I choose Color Copper?Copper Bar Top

The primary draw of using Color Copper for bar tops is that, while every sheet ends up with its own unique pattern, it remains very affordable, with even the thickest copper sheets generally costing considerably less than its competitor in quality.

In addition, Color Copper (and copper in general) has an additional benefit: it serves as an antimicrobial agent. This means that a high-traffic area, such as a bar top, with customers coming and going, touching the bar top with hands that may or may not have been washed in the past month, a copper bar will be killing germs and bacteria by the millions (thanks to a scientific event called the "oligodynamic effect")

Color Copper Bar Top

Color Copper itself is still a relatively new material, being only several years old. It shows great potential for home projects; with creativity being the key ingredient, the possibilities are endless.

Where do I get Color Copper?

Color Copper is available at several different online retailers, but in my experience only this one (click to visit) consistently offers the lowest prices with the best customer service.

Copper Bar Top